Viegas Homes' believe in a professional approach to building custom homes.  We are professionals and skilled craftsmen who specialize in meeting the housing needs of other professionals. The term “Custom” is used very loosely in the business of home building.  Jeff Viegas, owner of JVASCO and Viegas Homes, believes that clients building a Custom Home should get just that, a true “Custom Home”.  At Viegas Homes, we define “Custom Home” as the following:

1. Client, Builder, and Architect/Engineer all meet together to layout and design a plan that specifically addresses your family’s desires. Our goal is to design exactly what you want, without exception.

2. Client and Builder meet during the design phase to determine the financial issues surrounding the project. Our goal is to construct a residence that meets the budget requirements that have been defined by you.

3. Client and Building Manager meet weekly and communicate regularly to discuss and, or modify any construction process.

4. Client has flexibility (if so desired) to select every finish in the entire house – we have no “Standards” (i.e. paint colors, flooring, exterior finishes, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, hardware, cabinets, electronics, appliances, windows, doors, etc.). Clients meet with our supplier’s professional design teams to choose exactly what they want in their home.

We are dedicated professionals who are committed to client satisfaction.  We are also true framing craftsmen.  Jeff Viegas has framed homes for over 20 years. He personally oversees our framing crews to frame your home from floor to roof, no subcontracting the wood structure of your home. We ARE builders. We don’t just oversee the construction of your home…WE BUILD YOUR HOME!

You will receive personalized attention and more time will be spent on your home with our approach, as compared to other builders. 

We build homes, provide quality, and insure satisfaction!